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Please note that the Supporters Club Xmas Party has been cancelled.

Sincere apologies to all those who bought tickets for the Supporters’ Club Christmas Party which was to take place after today’s game. As a committee we decided that it would not be viable to go ahead with the event due to a distinct lack of interest from the members, thus it has been cancelled. People with tickets will have their money refunded in full. Christmas is obviously a hectic and expensive time for everyone, but it is a disappointment for a committee that has put in so much work to organise the party, to ultimately have to cancel it. It was not so long ago in the surveys that we were requested to organise more events. To focus our efforts more effectively it would help us if you tell us what you want from the committee, whether you are happy enough with a bar to use before and after home games, and a decent package, or whether you want us to continue to do more. If you have any further enquiries please call the Supporters’ Club’s official phone line 0171 736 2291. Thank you.

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