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Latest news from Craven Cottage

Latest news

Come on you Whites! 15th January 11:21pm

Just a short notice to all Fulham fans travelling up to Maine Road on Saturday morning. Have a safe journey and a great day. Let's get behind the team from the first whistle and let them know we're there for them.

Join today! 15th January 2:42pm

If anyone would like to join any of the following schemes, please e-mail me with your name & address and I'll make sure you receive your application form on the post right away.

Fulham Privileges - Fulham families - Junior Black and Whites.

By joining the Junior Black and Whites you'll also receive a free Fulham alarm clock.

Kit Symons Interview 15th January 11:40am

With our big game coming up at Maine Road tomorrow I caught up with Kit Symons at the training ground this morning before the boys departed for Manchester.

Paul Thorpe: Kit, that was a magnificent night on Wednesday, how did you see it?

Kit Symons: I was really pleased even though it wasn’t a sparkling performance, it was a decent cup-tie and I thought we put in a good solid performance. I thought we fully deserved our win at the end.

PT: We’ve now played Premiership opposition 5 times this season and been beaten just once, what do the players make of that?

KS: Well obviously we’ve played Southampton four times and they’ve been having a tough time at the moment, not scoring goals – but even so, they’re a Premiership side
with quality players. Even when we went to Anfield we came away very disappointed to be honest, people said that we did well and that we should just go out and enjoy it, but we felt that we should have done better than we did. I suppose losing 3-1 at Anfield wasn’t the worst result in the World so I think that shows how far we’ve come, we’ve still a long way to go and we know we’re not the finished article. But it’s very encouraging for the future, y’know when we get up there we want to stay there. It’s no good being a one season wonder and coming back down, we want to get up there and stay up there.

PT: What about the crowd on Wednesday, I thought it was a magnificent atmosphere.

KS: Yes it was brilliant, it’s been well documented that over 500 Fulham fans were locked out but it’s great playing in front of a full Craven Cottage. It was a great atmosphere and that rubs off onto the players as well, we can pick up on the excitement and that's so important.

PT: Now the last couple of games have seen a change in formation at the back, does that bother you at all?

KS: Well on Wednesday we started off with a three then went to a four and then went back to a three again so it’s all down to concentration and experience really. We had to change things and at half time the gaffa said he wanted to change some things but at the end of the day you have to use your common sense and adapt to the situation. But when you’ve got good players around you it makes things a lot easier.

PT: Now Saturday Kit, your old club Manchester City away, what if anything can you tell us about them?

KS: Well things seem to change up there every week and I think that’s been one of the problems. It’s a fantastic massive club with a great set up, but they’ve had problems over the last 6 or 7 years that’s led to their problems. It’s a real shame because they should be a Premier league club, but they are where they are and that’s that. I’ve got a lot of friends up there so I’ll be keen to get a win for Fulham.

PT: It must be great to be going back top of the league with Fulham, do you fell that you’ve a point to prove to the fans up there?

KS: When the game starts it’ll be just another game but at the minute, I suppose thinking about it I feel that maybe I had a bit of a raw deal there the last two years. My first year in the Premier league I know we got relegated - but I thought I had a decent season. Certainly the season after things didn’t go well for me – there was a lot of reasons for that but ultimately if you’re not playing well you have to hold your hands up and take the blame for it. I was offered a new contract but they withdrew it at the last minute and I felt a bit hard done by there, so yes, I suppose a bit of a point to prove but as long as we get a result I’ll be happy.

PT: We’re halfway thru' the season Kit, are the boys talking about promotion or is it a taboo subject?

KS: No not really, I think that if you allow taboo subjects then you become scared to talk about things – but we’re all geared for promotion here, we’ve got a great squad that’s full of confidence, we know that promotion is our aim and anything less will be a failure. We’re going to achieve it.

PT: Lastly Kit, over 3,000 Fulham fans at Maine Road tomorrow, can you pop up with another late goal for us to win it?

KS: Oh, that’d be nice – that would be very nice wouldn’t it?

PT: Thanks Kit, and good luck for tomorrow and the rest of the season.

Aston Villa update 15th January 9.50am

We can confirm the Aston Villa allocation is 4,400 and to assist supporters who are unable to get to the club this Sunday, we have decided to accept postal applications from season ticket holders and privilege card holders.

Your application must be received by Monday 18th January and include voucher (P) a SAE and payment.

One ticket per season ticket holder - as stated below.

Aston Villa ticket information (Please read carefully) 14th January 11.23pm

There has been some confusion this afternoon over the Aston Villa ticket allocation.

After further consultation with Aston Villa this afternoon, the Midlands club have rescinded their earlier offer of 6,000 tickets after taking Police advice.

This decision was made after safety and segregation considerations were taken into account. Consequently Fulham can only offer one ticket per season ticket holder (and P/C holders) when tickets go on sale on Sunday morning at 11am (till 3pm) Voucher required is (P) and prices are £17 adults and £8 children.

I apologise for the earlier message but this was strictly beyond our control. There is Good news however, as the club will be running subsidised coach travel and prices will be just £10 for adults and £5 children and OAP's.

Fulham are also considering erecting a large screen at Craven Cottage for fans who are unable to get match tickets.